OPI – Passion

So the thumb nail break I wrote about recently that I’d been holding together with the Miracle Nail Fix got caught in my jeans and ripped off.  Oh well, at least it wasn’t too low or painful! Because I’m a bit OCD, if one nail breaks low, I have to cut them all short so it’s somewhat even.  When this happens, I usually like to use light polish colors so as not to bring attention to my short nails but keeping them pretty at the same time.  I like my nails a bit grown out, not too long, not too short – just in between.  I think it’s the most flattering on me. So below is a picture of my too short nails with OPI Passion polish.



The top picture is with 3 coats, the bottom is with 2.  I thought only 2 coats looked a little streaky so I put another on.  I don’t like wearing 3, because it ends up being 5 with a base and top coat and too many layers can peel quickly.  But I still love this color even with its temperamental streaks. It’s a nice clean yet subtle and shy color if you just want a refreshed mani without bringing attention to your nails.

I love OPI’s formula, but my nail beds are tiny so sometimes I struggle with the size of their brush.  Essie’s brush usually is a better fit for me, but I can’t help being seduced by OPI’s colors.  I can’t commit to monogamy with nails – I guess I’m just a polish whore.


Miracle Nail Fix

Until recently, I could NEVER grow my thumb nails out to an even square shape.  The corners always broke really low and deep into my nail.  And then I’d have to cut them down so the break wouldn’t snag on anything and rip into the really sensitive portion of the nail.  But having one ugly short nail would throw off the aesthetics of the mani so I’d cut them all down…you see where this is going – meatball problems.

So I’ve been on the hunt for both an emergency solution to a break and a preventative coat.  I tried nail wraps, crazy glue, nail glue, anything you could imagine.  Then one day, as I strolled the aisles of Sally’s Beauty Supply, I stumbled on this gem.  Our eyes met and I knew I just had to take him home with me. So I purchased this ‘Miracle Nail Fix’ along with some pineapple cuticle oil and a glass file.


I didn’t save the box it came in or I would’ve included that picture as well.  I’m not sure what the brand name is or if ‘Miracle Nail Fix’ is the brand? I don’t know.  I figured a life-size photo included below would help you to identify it on the shelf.  I bought mine at Sally’s, not sure where else it is sold.  I’ll keep researching and if I can clarify a brand name I’ll post another blog on where to find it.  (the other sides of the bottle say Miracle Nail Fix in Spanish and other languages)

This stuff is fantastic.  I don’t know what’s in it- I don’t even care. It works. I have a huge break in my nail right now (I ripped it trying to zipper my jeans over a month ago) and this little Miracle has allowed me to grow the nail out and continue with beautiful manis as if the break weren’t there.

How I use it: I use the Miracle on bare nails that are ready to be polished.  I dab a little of it right on the break and allow time for it to dry.  Then I swipe a streak of it from the bottom to the top of the nail and over the side edge as well, trying to seal the break in so to speak. I don’t recommend doing another swipe after this-the only draw back of this Miracle is that too many coats can easily start to peel under your mani and just look ugly.  I like to put one swipe on the sides of my other nails that are prone to breaks just to be safe.  This absolutely works as a preventative coat. Definitely do this if your nails are a little thin or weak in some spots and you want to ensure that they will hold up through a mani.  Allow the Miracle to dry completely and then continue as you would with any other polish.

If you struggle with odd shaped nails due to frequent breaks and tears, you’ll love this. You’re welcome.

Essie – Red Nouveau

I bought this color for myself as a birthday present a few years ago.  I went out in search of a tomato red color and settled on this one. I love it! I used two coats here.  The polish is not streaky at all which I find Essie to be sometimes, but this is great.  It also dries incredibly fast and is a very thin formula.  When the polish is thick to begin with, then combined with a base and top coat, it can start to peel very quickly and ruin the mani in only a day or two.  But thankfully this color is perfect and one of my favorites!

I used INM ‘Out the Door’ Fast Drying Top Coat to seal it all in.  This top coat isn’t the best of the best, I find that it shrinks my polish sometimes-pulling the layers from the top and sides of my nail.  It doesn’t always happen though, and I’m determined to find a pattern of how and when it happens before I stop using it.  I prefer Seche Vite which is also fast drying, but I’ve recently vamped up my mani/pedi polish & supplies collection and spent more money than necessary. So I decided to skimp a bit on a top coat.  When this one runs out or ruins too many consecutive manis, I’ll suck it up and get the good stuff.

Enjoy the photos! I’m sure as time goes on the quality of both manis and pictures will increase.  For now, I’m using my boyfriend’s iPhone to take the pictures. I originally just snapped away out of sheer excitement to begin this blog and forgot to put a blank backdrop behind my hands.  That explains the odd picture, which I insist came out pretty well so I included it. ImageImageImage


Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited to share my love of polish and nail care. It may be more of an obession, as I most definitely have a touch of OCD. So this blog should help to soothe my neurotic tendencies and let the nail crazy out in an acceptable way.

I’ll be reviewing the polishes I have, and new ones to come as I pick them up.  I want to put nail care tips out there as well, I believe healthy nails are the root of a great mani. If there are polishes or any products you want me to try out and review feel free to comment! I certainly don’t know it all, so suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

Thanks for checking me out!!