Shark Week Nail Art!

I usually never do nail art, it’s just not my style.  But I loved Pam Cake’s sharks for Shark Week so I made my own version! I only did it on one nail, my non-dominant hand is in no way capable of pulling this kind of detail off – as elementary as it may be. I had so much fun making him! I put him together as I watched the Rogue Shark special, it fully enhanced my Shark Week experience.

ImageSay hello to Carlton.


Guest Photo – Pam Cake!

Here is a picture of my sister’s nail art in celebration of Shark Week!!

ImageI love it! Especially the thumb nail shark, he’s the cutest. Thanks for sharing Pam Cake! Your Shark Week enthusiasm has inspired me to do the same. I’ll post pictures soon!

Pam Cake is a fabulous make up artist – check her out on Pinterest here: