OPI -Sparrow Me The Drama

A few weeks ago I discovered you can order mini polish collections on Amazon. Though obvious to some, this just sadly never occurred to me until then. You can imagine my uncontainable excitement..I rambled on about these little gems for hours to anyone/thing that would listen. Immediately I notified my boyfriend of what to purchase as holidays gifts in the future.. There’s so many collections he’ll be set to go for years. Next, I added OPI Pirates of the Caribbean and China Glaze Christmas minis to my cart. I stashed the Christmas set in my holiday decorations bag next to the snowman wrapping paper and tree ornaments. I can’t wait to pretend like I forgot they’ve been in there since August.

The first of my Pirate choices was Sparrow Me The Drama. More like sparrow me the lumps, this formula sucked. Such a buzz kill.  The polish was thin and totally see through which of course lead to 3+ coats to achieve an acceptable look for public exposure. The endless coats started layering in an odd way that formed lumps and waves in the finished product. Just reminiscing about this manI sets my OCD aflame. The polish looked horrible and the color was not at all flattering on my skin tone. It lasted for one day before I came home in a furious rage and vigoursly removed it. 

I’m not sure if this was a common theme throughout the formula of the collection or if minis just suck. I have yet to explore the remaining minis, I need some time to cool off. For now they’re sleeping on the couch. Maybe they’ll apologize with a box of chocolates which would be much appreciated as the fight with them sends me into an “eat your feelings” kind of day.