OCC – Dangerous

A while back my sister gave me some OCC brand nail polishes for my birthday.  OCC stands for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, which is just too fitting for my neurotic ass. I really love this brand for two reasons:

1. It’s not as commonly known as others, so when I want a break from the mainstream colors its perfect.

2. The formula is awesome. Two coats that dry fast and aren’t streaky at all.

Below I used a dark gray color called Dangerous.  It’s the first time I’ve worn this polish since she gave it to me and I’m totally feeling it.  It looks like rich velvet when it hits the light, I don’t think the pictures do it justice.


 ImageI used Seche Vite top coat to finish it up, but I noticed this morning that it shrunk the polish.  I noticed the same thing with my former top coat, which was much less expensive.  I figured the the cost was a direct reflection of the quality so I upgraded to Seche Vite.  I’ve never had this problem with Seche Vite before, maybe it has to do with the color formula that you use? I don’t know, but it’s trashing a perfectly good mani which is not acceptable.  You can’t tell the damage done unless I point it out to you, but either way – I don’t like my work being tampered with. I’ll test this theory with other polishes using Seche Vite and report back. As far as I know it’s the best of the best in the top coat world so it better clean it’s act up.
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