Cuticle Care

Here is my daily regimen: cuticle oil and an orange wood stick. I keep one of each at my apartment and at my desk at work.

Every morning when I get into the office I put cuticle oil on each nail and let it sit for a minute or so.  Then I use the orange stick to push back my cuticles.  I repeat this process as many times as I can throughout the day – the more the better. Then at night just before bed, I swipe some oil on my nail and toe cuticles to let it sink in overnight. Use the orange stick gently. I was a bit too aggressive at first and am now noticing that I have little white spots on my nails from pushing too hard in sensitive spots.

I use Beauty Secrets cuticle oil at home (found at Sally’s Beauty Supply), and a basic Sally Hansen oil at work. I don’t really prefer one oil to the other, but the pictured oil smells like pineapple and is quite delightful:)


I strongly recommend using the orange wood stick pictured below:

ImageThe angle on it allows you to get directly underneath the cuticle to push it back thoroughly.  They are bit harder to find, the sticks with two flat sides are more frequently sold.  But hold out for this one, it’s the best.  And DO NOT use a metal cuticle pusher, they are so damaging to your nails.  Get the right tools and you’ll see the right results.


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